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International speaker and workshop leader
  • A medical mystery solved.

  • What you don't know about the
    iodine deficiency epidemic can
    wreck your life.

  • What is the Iodized Salt Scam?

  • Who stole iodine?

  • How can iodine deficiency can
    make you sick fat and mentally

  • What is the Perfect Storm
    Theory of Breast Cancer?

  • Real case studies. Before and
    after iodine success stories.
This dynamic Powerpoint presentation
tells the exciting story of how iodine
was removed from our food at the
same time bromide was added to fire
retardants, foods and medicines,
creating a "perfect storm" set-up for
breast disease and breast cancer.

Breast cancer rates escalated from 1 in
20 to 1 in 7 over the last 30 years. Can
restoring iodine to our diet reverse
this incidence?  See documentation of
the historical use of iodine for the
breasts as well as dramatic evidence
from current patients using iodine to
reverse breast disease.

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