Lynne Farrow

Author and Health Information Investigator
"I believe this book should
be on every book shelf."  
--David Brownstein, MD
International Iodine expert
Medical mystery solved...

The Iodine Crisis
the whistle-blowing expose of the
iodine deficiency epidemic plus
personal stories from those who
changed their lives.

The Iodine Crisis
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Reviews for The Iodine Crisis

Book Review by Jeffrey Dach MD

...Lynne Farrow is a gifted writer
and her book chronicles in
exquisite detail her personal
story and discovery of Iodine,
and her journey as an Iodine
advocate. Her book describes
how Iodine was used for decades
as a natural medicine, and then
virtually eliminated from
mainstream medicine and our
food in the 1960′s by bad

...You will find it difficult to put
this book down. There is much
more of the story to be told, so
go ahead and get yourself a
copy and read it over and over
again. Share it with your friend,
and go online to Lynne Farrow's
BreastCancerChoices.org and
the Iodine Group to spread the
word and spark a new revolution
in the use of Iodine. You can
share with Lynne Farrow her
mission to restore Iodine to its
rightful place on the shelf in
Mainstream Medicine.