Lynne Farrow


Author and Health Information Investigator

Iodine deficiency wrecked my life.

    For years I endured headaches with brain fog so bad that I
    lost my driver’s license for missing stop signs and speeding. I
    slept so much my family called me Rip Van Winkle. Finally, I
    could no longer work full time, even with caffeine and

    I went from teaching college full time to working as a
    journalist part time.  I grew overweight from undiagnosed
    thyroid disease and finally, when I thought my life couldn’t get
    worse, I was diagnosed with a life threatening disease.

    By some turn of fate, a doctor suggested iodine. Ka-boom!
    Iodine changed my life so much I spent several years
    researching how this centuries-old nutrient can be so

Iodine success stories emerged by the thousands.

    A grass roots Iodine Movement sprang up among patients
    and doctors.  But most people still think they get enough
    iodine from iodized salt.

Have you heard about the Iodized Salt Scam?

  • My personal iodine crisis and the hidden iodine     
    deficiency epidemic

  • Proof: Actual iodine takers report their life-changing results

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Iodine

  • "Who Stole Iodine?" The medical detective story

  • The Iodized salt scam

  •  Breakthrough--What you can do right now

Cutting edge strategies to share with your health practitioner
Welcome health information seeker,
"I believe this book should
be on every book shelf."  
--David Brownstein, MD
international Iodine expert
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Medical mystery solved...

The Iodine Crisis
the whistle-blowing expose of the
iodine deficiency epidemic plus
personal stories from those who
changed their lives.
What is the Iodine Crisis?

  • Thanks to environmental
    pollutants Iodine deficiency has
    become a worldwide epidemic.
    Everybody knows pollutants
    cause cancer. What they don't
    know is that these pollutants
    cause a deficiency that can make
    us sick, fat and stupid.

  • Iodized salt--supposedly a
    solution to iodine deficiency-- is
    actually a nutritional scam which
    provides a false sense of security.

  • The Iodine Crisis explains how
    we became so deficient, then
    shows the time-tested solution to
    reversing many conditions. Lynne
    Farrow reveals how she and
    thousands of other patient-
    activists changed their lives by
    researching and using iodine.

The Iodine Crisis:
What You Don't Know About Iodine Can Wreck Your Life
# 1

Iodine Workshop Group

meet 29,000 people taking Iodine

The Iodine Crisis is now available in German, Chinese, Hungarian, French and Polish
The Portuguese and Turkish translations are also available.

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