Lynne Farrow

Author and Health Information Investigator
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"I believe this book should
be on every book shelf."  
--David Brownstein, MD
International Iodine expert
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Private research consultations are
available to those interested in narrowing
down the many areas of iodine research
for a unique project. If you are preparing
a  presentation or embarking on iodine
research for an organization, please
contact me to explain your needs.

If you are planning an educational event,
let me know if I can assist your planning.

Documentation, scholarship,
photographs, slides, DVDs and actual
historical iodine artifacts are available.

It can take years to cull the centuries of
iodine research and distinguish what has
retained lasting value and what remained
a transient experiment. My book,
Iodine Crisis,
serves as a point of
departure for the many resources on
iodine that are available.
Medical mystery solved...

Look for my forthcoming book,
the whistle-blowing expose of the
iodine deficiency epidemic plus
personal stories from those who
changed their lives.