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Update for Iodine Users
How can we improve the original Iodine Protocol?
In updating The Iodine Crisis for future revision, I will include some discoveries that arose since
the first printing.  The new information comes from personal experience, reading medical
research, conversations with my personal iodine literate practitioner, new info from Drs.
Flechas and Brownstein and the experiments on the Facebook Iodine Workshop Group.

I'm publishing the information early on the web so people can put it to use before next year and
so people who already have the book can get these updates. We need to keep in mind that
supplementing iodine is a strategic system, not just a list of supplements. Upward and onward!

The new discoveries can boost the effectiveness of the original Iodine Protocol. That’s why I’m
calling them Iodine Boosters.

First, a reminder that Iodine supplementation can create some issues. The problem is, we
need to find better ways to minimize the effects of these three top concerns.

    •        Detoxification of the toxic halides fluoride and bromide
    •        Die-off of many bacteria, fungi, and viruses
    •        Stress on the detox pathways which jolt the immune system

All these complications can block iodine from getting into the cells just as a rusty lock would
keep a key from entering.  

An Iodine Booster is a supplement that has shown to support the function of iodine through
various different mechanisms of action.  The Boosters support the immune, endocrine and
detox systems making the processes easier.

These three should help not just absorption, but they refine the metabolic process so less
iodine may be needed.

In fall of 2015, I had a conversation with Dr. Jorge Flechas, one of the original Iodine Project
doctors. I discovered he was enthusiastically recommending zinc to his patients.

The conversation inspired more investigation so Lynn Razaitis and I headed up a zinc research
team in the spring of this year to explore the many uses of zinc and how it could enhance our
immune response to the mischief iodine supplementation stirs up.

Vitamin A
It was known since the 2007 Iodine Conference that Vitamin A was very protective to the
thyroid. Dr. Brownstein reported at a conference last year that A helps redevelop the iodine
symporters (NIS), one of the important tissues that may atrophy or disappear when iodine
deficiency is present. The extra supplementation of Vitamin A has shown too many benefits to
thyroid patients to ignore. Like zinc, Vitamin A is also important to underlying infections we may
be unaware of. Auto immune diseases such as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Graves' Disease
are often linked to underlying infection.

Vitamin C
On The Iodine Workshop Facebook Group, we learned early on that "more vitamin C helps."
But only in the last year have we redefined "more" as to bowel tolerance, the convention of the
great Vitamin C scholars. Vitamin C works to both add to the organs' strength and at the same
time subtract unwanted toxins, bacteria and viruses.

When the organs are working better you need less compensation nutrients. Thus, less iodine
may give more benefit if maximum C is included in your protocol. Separating Vitamin C from
Iodine is not necessary but I wouldn't suggest mixing any supplements in a glass of water in
which C has been dissolved.

NOTE: Vitamin C is a powerful detoxifying agent. Starting slow and pulse dosing to raise the
dosage may be necessary


Alkalizing the body

The Lemon Water Strategy has been around a long time as a "good for you" drink that many
people take without specific understanding of how it works. But the fact is, even in the 1800s
chemists and doctors used ash to alkalize iodine. The Alka Seltzer Gold offers an effective
alkalizing rescue remedy for people who are suffering a wide range of detox effects.
Sometimes Lemon Water can do the same thing. Lemon Water doesn't work like a booster
supplement --but it's so valuable it's worth considering as a companion drink.

Not absorbing at all?

Less than 1% of iodine supplementers report no effects whatsoever. This may be an atrophied
symporter ( the absorber tissues) concern. Doubling the ATP Cofactors often nourishes them
back to life.

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    Zinc Orotate 15-50 mg if stomach is sensitive. Otherwise other zincs will do.
    Vitamin A 25,000 units  -  check vitamin D levels are optimal
    Vitamin C to bowel tolerance  -  start low and pulse dose if necessary
The Iodine Boosters
Lynne Farrow