Lynne Farrow

Author and Health Information Investigator
Cutting edge strategies to share with your health practitioner
"I believe this book should
be on every book shelf."  
--David Brownstein, MD
International Iodine expert
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Lynne Farrow is a whistle blower. She is also a
journalist, researcher, former college professor and
speaker. Her own experience with breast cancer led to
the discovery that someone had stolen a medicine with
proven benefits reaching back 15,000 years. A medicine
that not only helped her, but has helped millions.

She currently serves as the Director of
Breast Cancer
Choices, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to the
scrutinizing and reporting of the evidence for breast
cancer procedures and treatments.

As the founder of the Breast Cancer Think Tank, she
created a forum for professionals, patients and lay-people
to report any new findings about breast cancer as well as
review old information with a friendly spirit of
cooperation, challenge and debate.

Lynne is the editor of
IodineResearch.com, where she
has compiled materials for both beginning and advanced
iodine investigators. From obscure studies on
iodine and the brain, to pieces for the beginner, looking
for the widely accepted Iodine Protocol, the iodine
research website is a wealth of information.
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The Iodine Crisis
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